abba father

may i rest in you.

contemplating the significance and work of resting prayer today.

may your heart's center be here today.

may my heart's center be here today.





rest. breathe. deep. heart beat ... rest.


abba father, may i rest in you today.




you are loved.

i am loved.


rest in Him today. rely on Him.

and don't forget to breathe. 

*Photos taken in my front yard, March 2012.


one frame: the barnes family

Today was such a delight braving and embracing the rain with the beautiful Alicia, Jared and Micaiah Barnes. Here's one frame from today's shoot!


white space

space. silence. soft. slow. solitude.

what do you need space to think about today?


take some ... 

*Photo taken in Arrowhead in fresh snow in 2011.


forever // state of thankfulness: day five

Grateful. Love. Kindness. Joy. Things of this season.

The bow-tying, fancy wrapping, mall-speed walking, rush through parties time of year.

On this Black Friday with advertisements galore, lines like it’s the zoo and circus-oriented theatrics of children in a toy store, take a minute to slow. breathe. To remember yesterday, or at least the name — thanksgiving. And may we give thanks.

For what we have before we buy. The time we have before it’s filled. The love, kindness and joy that brings the warmth of the holiday season to mind.

So before we forget about yesterday and these lists of thank yous, gratitude and gratefulness we’ve been thinking about for the last few to twenty days, may we remember that this is more than just a day. May these lists and heart-preparing days become the way our hearts are attuned to this next season and year.

The deeper things of thankfulness — peace, rest, joy, content hearts — these are not simple words, but ways to live. So may we give thanks, be thankful and rest in peace, joy and love all the days of our lives.

In what ways can you pause before getting caught up in the season? What would you like to reflect on?

*Photo taken in Arrowhead in fresh snow in 2011.


simplicity // state of thankfulness: day four

Stuffing I disliked at the age of seven that I now have an affinity for filled my plate next to Aunt Laura’s broccoli casserole and carved turkey — cooked based on an Alton Brown article my Dad read this morning. We had forgotten coffee creamer, the turkey went in the oven late and my Mom cancelled an order for an apple pie at 7 a.m. because she didn’t realize I’d made one. It was hot and sunny.

We hustled in the kitchen barefoot and in pajamas and everyone arrived on time, which means a half-hour late.

With football in the background, Grandma shouts for the men to enter the dining room because food is getting cold. I, myself, yell into the other room that we’re saying grace, someone mutters it wouldn’t do them any good anyhow. We laugh, start filling our plates and later I realize we never even said grace. Family quarrels diffuse — at least while everyone’s mouths are full of turkey, gravy and potatoes.

Everyone mumbles or shouts their compliments to appropriate chefs of their filled forks and spoons of Thanksgiving delicacies. Probably the only day we would call these dishes delicacies. But it’s tradition. And they are so, because without them, it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving.

Simplicity is the gold today. I go back to merci, danke sehr, and the rest — the simple few words. And in my mind, I go through my thank yous. Thank you, Jesus, I breathe out after I realize we missed grace. We missed grace for exactly what I’m thankful for — living. Thank you for life and for the hope I find in you, for today is simple and love-filled in it’s own way of imperfect, forgetfulness and burnt on the bottom dishes. Hugs and kisses on the way out the door. And awkward family moments. Laughter, joy and family you haven’t seen in too long. Lounging, leaning on another's shoulder and for me, asking how this game called football is played again. The simplicity of anything goes.

This week I’ve made thankfulness sound a bit complicated at times. Investigating my own soul for the deeper meanings, what thankfulness means, is, was and will be. How it affects our souls. Those deep things are there. They are gold. But tonight, I was reminded that thankfulness in simplicity is gold too, and simplicity today was living in the hope of Christ and little reminders of his grace and blessings. Even in the shape of a Turkey that went into the oven too late.

What are you thankful for today? And what was your favorite dish at Thanksgiving dinner?

*Photo of our family recipe brioche rising.